evolutionary motion
evolutionary motion Over the years, I have worked with and helped many people from a multitude of backgrounds: from professional dancers and high-performance athletes to those with neck and back pain, severe stroke, paralysis, fibromyalgia, parkinson’s, cerebral palsy and everyone in between. The methods I practice helped me when conventional approaches could not. Now, after years of study and application, I finally understand why, and I would like to share this knowledge to help you.

Evolutionary Motion represents the culmination of the years I spent studying, training and working with all of these modalities and methods. I am happy to bring my diverse, rich experiences together to serve your specific physical goals and well-being. My approach is to first understand and address your immediate concerns. As I work with you and study how you move, I analyze your individual habits of movement. Over time these habits can become more deeply ingrained and we start to lose possibilities of other types of movement. My approach is to open these possibilities up for you again or, in some cases, for the first time. 

Moshe Feldenkrais said “Make the impossible, possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.” My goal is to give people back to themselves their physical joy of existence, their sense of power in their stance and presence, and their confidence in the knowledge that lies within them.

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