evolutionary motion



evolutionary motion

“In an article written in “The Beverly Hills Patch,” Maureen Kedes explains: “The feeling of balance, smoothness and openness is overwhelming. It's perfect for anyone who is stiff, over-exercised or injured. What impressed me more than the machines was the amount of knowledge and body awareness the instructor must have, along with an ability to communicate with the student. Berezovsky had the right combination of all those characteristics.”
-Maureen K., AOL journalist

"Sonia has helped me tremendously with chronic back pain from poor postural habits and daily computer usage. She is warm and supportive and possesses a wonderful array of disciplines that she applies masterfully in sessions and teaches me to use myself at home. She has made a huge difference in my quality of life and even my appearance!”
— Nancy M., corporate VP and single mother

“Sonia has been an essential part of my healing process.  She is a very knowledgeable, highly skilled and truly talented Feldenkrais® practitioner who has been helping me to sit, stand, walk and move so that all parts of my body are working in harmony and with minimal or no pain.  Her process is remarkable and has given me hope that as my neurological system continues to heal and improve, I will move with greater, rather than less ease, despite the aging process. As always, thank you Sonia!”
— Marlene C., school teacher

“My Feldenkrais work with Sonia has been an important part of my recovery from complex surgery. It has also provided a tranquil escape and brought balance to my hectic and, many times, stressful career. Without it, I believe that my recovery from surgery would have been prolonged and that my day to day stress would have further aggravated my recovery.”
— Richard O., attorney

“I can't say enough about how my work with Sonia has changed the way I think about my body and how I feel as I am moving. Each week, I continue to be amazed at how the  most subtle of changes in the body allows for freedom to move with ease and without pain. I have been struggling with lower back pain for years and Sonia's gentle Feldenkrais sessions have been the most helpful treatment I have had.”
— Lisa K., psychologist

“The personal Pilates instruction I have gotten from Sonia has helped my body feel younger, more flexible and healthier.  Having Sonia's Pilates instruction in my life on a weekly basis, is something that is a MUST.”
— Diane G., teacher

“I am a new mom and I got Carpal Tunnel at the end of my pregnancy. Sonia has helped me tremendously with my Carpal Tunnel pain. It had gotten so bad by the time my baby was 5 months old that sometimes I couldn't pick him up from the crib or hold him in my arms because of the pain in my wrists. My hands and fingers would get numb in the mornings and it would take about 20 minutes for the numbness to pass. After just one Feldenkrais session with Sonia my numbness completely went away. I could not believe it. Ever since that I have been going to Sonia diligently every week and the pain has almost completely gone away. I am a true believer in the Feldenkrais Method. Not only am I feeling so much better, I am now venturing into Pilates and Gyrotonic to get my body back into shape. It is a great experience all around and I am now starting to go twice a week because it has helped me so much.”
— Karen O., new mom

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